Reclaim Your World – Visualize

 By: Brittany McBride

You wake up each morning to face the daily grind of reality and somewhere along the way a conscious spark ignites within you, inquiring; “Is this really what I want for my life? Am I happy with who I am? How do I get what I want or where I want to be?” Often times, repressing these thoughts with our conditioned logical response of, “this is just the way things are,” helps us to carry on down our comfortable path. Our authentic desires then recede into our depths to brood and await the next opportunity to appeal to us in attempts to shift our awareness; something more is possible for each of us and we have the innate ability to create what we want by utilizing the power of visualization.

In truth, we have become accustomed to live in a glass-cage world that has been built up around us, visualized for us, created for us, instilled by history and fashioned overtime into a framework society of expectations with portrayals of how we should look, behave, work, rationalize, educate, feel and expend our energy. We submit to partake in this given way of life and then resort to complaining when we realize it is not the world we envisioned for ourselves. Really, life has given us every opportunity to thrive in adventure, grow through experience, share in love, learn through challenge, embrace change, prosper in abundance, work towards fulfilling goals and to heal ourselves, others and the planet. However, we perpetuate our own oppression by ignoring the very intuitive spark within us that seeks to highlight the path to our own happiness and success. It is time to pay attention.

For many, the difficulty in this process to awareness is understanding how to get there…how do I get from a state of wanting something more for myself, to a state of actualizing it into my existence? The answer lies within you and your initiative to reclaim your individual power of Creation and Vision. What do you see for yourself in this life? Visualize it.

Gather together images, quotes, affirmations, photos, and videos that inspire you to visualize all of the things you want for yourself on the physical plane. How does your physical environment reflect your inner-self and how are you attracting what you want into your life? What do you want to attract? Where do you see beauty in yourself, in your life? What is your aesthetic Vision of your health, fitness, well-being, beauty and overall appearance? Dedicate a space in your home or office where you can post up all your images on Vision-Board and view it frequently; or generate a collective online gallery of images that motivate you to take care of your physicality and promote your personal sanctuary.

A concentrated human thought laden with emotion transmits enough energy to transform our bodies and alter our environments; this energy directed towards an image or affirmation builds a response recognition that actualizes the visualization into reality over time. Desire. Focus. Manifestation. We are all creators with the infinite capacity to visualize a world fit to sustain our unique and individual ambitions. Awaken to your creative potential; step outside the glass box that was constructed for you and embellish the new, unknown space with the colorful visions and aspirations of your own world. Start today.

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The Law Of Increase: 3 Easy Steps To Harness Its Power

 By: Michael Lee

According to many experts in the field of manifestation and attraction, the law of increase states that whatever you’re grateful for – be it time, money or opportunities – you’ll get more of now and in the future.

Everything you appreciate manifests in more quantities as the universe itself expands every second.

The law of increase sounds pretty much like a fairy god mother come true, but how can you harness this power? Are there qualifications? Is there a ritual?

This article shows you 3 easy steps to unlock its potential.

Step 1: Start A Gratitude Journal

When you start a gratitude journal, you are exercising the law of increase appropriately. It might not be your cup of tea (you can’t even keep your receipts let alone a journal); but if you want to harness this power, then you’ll have to start here.

It’s not all that difficult. And to be quite frank, it’s actually very empowering. Every statement that says you’re grateful for something changes you and makes you a happier person. Each entry raises your vibrational level, where you now complement those vibrations that the universe is at, making your dreams more achievable.

Step 2: Respond To Your Feelings

The more grateful you are, the more you’ll feel the stirrings of the universe inside you. You know what I mean. When you’re happy and grateful for whatever it is you have achieved, you get a strange sensation starting from the pit of your stomach (or for others, right inside their chest).

Follow these feelings and allow yourself to connect with the universe. Some say they feel tingling along their arms and fingers. Respond to the vibrations that your body is manifesting and wait for more blessings to come down to you.

Step 3: Visualize

Visualization is also a good way to harness the law of increase. Visualize the things you’re grateful for and the things you want to have more of.

Feel the vibrations humming inside your body. Believe the visions that you are supplying the universe with and wait for it to respond in kind.

Whatever you push out to the universe will be given back to you. So if you’re always grateful for getting positive attention from your boss, then expect to have more of that in the future.

When it comes to the law of increase, nothing is impossible. The universe itself is telling you this, so you have no reason to hold yourself back.

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How to Bring New Innovation to Your Life

 By: Jenny Styles

The ‘power of innovation’ is a phrase that sounds like a corporate tactic or slogan, a secret talent worthy of only the rich and powerful. Actually, the power of innovation is an innate quality that we all possess. If you tend to marvel at the creativity of others, you may be surprised that you can create and innovate too. Everyone is born with creativity. Just watch a group of preschoolers with a box of crayons. The potential isn’t limited to a chosen few; it’s shared by all.

Think of how long it took to learn to ride a bike, drive a car, or learn to stop making the same mistakes. Discover your natural innovation can take the same amount of practice. Innovation is a mind function that needs to be called, and can become lazy if it’s not nurtured. The purpose here is to share a few tips bring innovation into your life.

Don’t listen to what other people say, but follow the beat of your own drum. Letting other people have influence will only bring cacophony to the music you are trying to make. If you have an original idea, don’t waste your time and effort trying to make people understand. Their lack of understanding can spoil your creative spirit, and the help they offer will likely come in the form of negative feedback. Consider history’s greatest geniuses. If they had listened to their doubtful peers, we might still be living in the middle ages.

Spend time on your creative process. Give it as much attention as possible, but don’t quit your day job. It might take some time management slight of hand, but adjust your schedule to accommodate both your professional obligations and your creative endeavors.

Exercise. Walk around the block, ride a bike or jog a mile or two. When you send all those endorphins coursing through your veins, your brain will take notice. Exercising brings a clarity and sense of relaxation to your mind. It’s in this state that the best ideas can seem to come from nowhere.

Record your dreams. Sometimes, dreams bring thoughts that your conscious mind can barely comprehend. Vivid dreams are proof that you possess an untapped innovative power that needs to be let loose. Recording your dreams can creative the innovative spark that you need.

Find your style. Art lovers can always tell a Van Gogh from a Matisse. Literary critics can identify a story by Hemingway, just from the choice of words on the paper. You have your own unique style. People will appreciate your innovation more because it is uniquely yours, and no one else could have possibly known what you were thinking. Allow people to see your innovation and they will appreciate how valuable an asset you are.

Forget the gadgets and tools. You don’t need the most expensive set of paints to produce a masterpiece, or an expensive fountain pen or laptop computer to write the next bestseller. In fact, J.K. Rowling wrote the first book of the Harry Potter Series on bits of tissue. Expensive SLR cameras can’t help if you have no photographic skills. An artist who uses fewer tools relies more on their natural abilities, and learns what works and what doesn’t.

Without passion, tools of the trade are useless. To find your passion, think of the drive that wakes you up in the morning and keeps your flame burning bright all day. Sometimes those who work hard to obtain it can overshadow the people with natural talent. Consider the story of the tortoise and the hare. Ellen Degeneres once said that if you’re not doing something that you want to do, then you don’t really want to do it. Sometimes the drive you have to achieve can make you virtually unstoppable. That is your passion.

Inspiration can come out of nowhere, and it can also be hard to find. You can’t force inspiration. It hits when you least expect it, in unpredictable yet inevitable moments. Be prepared for those moments of inspiration. An idea can strike you on the subway, but if you don’t have a sheet of paper handy, you can miss out on the thought that can change the world. Avoid these creative disasters. Have a pen and paper within your arm’s reach at all times.

Innovation can be brought into your life, even if you believe that you haven’t a creative bone in your body. Keep in mind that you’re search for innovation is to satisfy your expectations and meet your goals, not anyone else’s. Soon enough, those around you will begin to notice your creative flair.

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Hot Stone Therapy and Ayurveda are Effective for Toxin Release

By: Priyanka Tiwari

Ayurveda is effective treatment if the procedures are done with compassion. If you go for external snehana, it helps in making the impurities of the body soft and thereby making a release of the negative emotions that are stuck deep inside the body cells. The expert will do the massage strokes with proper focus on the terminal ends. By doing this, you will achieve the terminal clearance. Another form of Ayurvedic treatment is called shila abhyhanga. The meaning of this word in English is stone massaging. When you go for this type of heated massage, it is called thermotherapy.

This massage is quite effective for the external and internal rejuvenation and detoxification of spirit, mind and body. When you talk of shila abyhanga, it is related to the traditions of ancient healing in India. It is a quite effective treatment and will refresh you. You get such treatments at many places or in an Ayurvedic resort. The procedure begins like this. The stone is wrapped alongwith herb in moist warm cloth thus creating poultice. This is an effective treatment for the muscle and joint pain. Warm stones have to be flat in design. They are used with oils kept on the affected area for relief.

The panchkarma is considered an old Ayurvedic treatment. In the old India, the royalty used special diamond, emerald and ruby ashes for an effective panch karma treatment. When you talk of the stone healing, you are involving mother earth. The stones are called bones of earth. There are other healing techniques like reiki but by introducing the stone, you also add up the earth element also. This type of healing can be called as a good healing technique. You can get such therapeutic treatments in many centers of Ayurveda in Kerala.

When you talk of Ayurveda, it recognizes five directional flows in body. Stone healing is one of the most effective and it has power to activate the downward flow. Stones are the element of earth and they can connect grounding of earth.. When you talk of Ayurvedic treatment, it recognizes the terminal ends of body. These are ear, head, genitals, feet soles and hands. The meaning of the terminal clearance is the exit of the residues and toxins from these sources providing relief and rejuvenation to the body thereby a new and effective life.

By the squeezing strokes, the toxins are pushed in the direction of the terminal ends. Glide the stones in the direction of these exit points and you have to do this with firm pressure along muscles. When the terminal clearance procedure is done, the negative energy is converted into white golden light. You will really feel the exit and relaxation. Kerala is one of the famous places in Ayurveda. Many colleges of Ayurveda hold Kerala medical tour for the purpose of practical knowledge in this area too as it is considered as part of Ayurveda. Come to India for the purpose of Ayurvedic treatment and set yourself free.

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The Art of Self-healing

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 By: Jamie S Hanson

Your body and mind are natural healers, are you in touch with it? Do you know how to listen to your body and mind, or is the noise from so much fear, pharmaceutical and medical mambo jumbo blocking your ears? How do you get your intuition back?

When was the last time you went to a healing practitioner that talked with you, (not a questionnaire) asked how you were doing, is anything bothering you? Is there something you are afraid of? What are your hopes, dreams, where do you feel stuck, do you have some unresolved anger, resentment, despair, are you happy at this point in your life.

If you have a healing practitioner who spends some real time with you, consider your self one of the fortunate, most are on the clock, driven by capitalistic blue prints, controlled by ideas of ambition and success, which often has little to do with the Art of Healing.

Your healing is Art, inspiration, intuition, insight, spontaneity and dreams are equally powerful medicine, in fact may be the most important medicine you will receive during your process of gaining health and well being.

Have you taken responsibility for your problem? Oops I just said a dirty word, responsibility in our society often means, blame, guilt because you did something wrong, guilt because you are a bad person and brought this upon your self.

The word responsibility simply means the ability to respond, take action to heal the problem, become a part of the solution, and stop adding to the problem that takes self-honesty and insight, the willingness to dig for answers without being judgmental.

Self-questioning like, how am I aiding in creating this problem, this arthritis or whatever is going on. That was a question I asked myself when arthritis hit my feet. I realized I was scared to step out into the world, frightened of failure, scared to go broke. The reasons were multiple but all harbored around fear. So healing involved not just using creative visualization, foot message and acupuncture but also re-programming my subconscious having to do with self-confidence and my imaginings of doom. And yes I did heal the arthritis.

Taking responsibility means taking the reins of the horse you are riding and becoming the director not just a rider, the horse represents your personal power. The patient is always the healer the Dr, holistic health practitioner or shaman can often be and inspiration, hypnotist or catalyst but it is the person with the disease or problem that is the true healer, it comes from within you.

This is Art; good art is not just technique but even more so it is intuitive. What is your gut telling you, do you need a vacation, love, do you need to quit this job you hate, is your boss or spouse driving you crazy into stress and your not sleeping well. Do you need a mental enema from your head full of fear, pessimism and dread, are you generally afraid of life. What do you need to heal this problem besides a quick pill fix, which is often what many in the medical field prescribe? They are not trained to deal with the whole person only to treat symptoms and that is like spraying the city to get rid of mosquito’s and then treating the population for lung problems, you get the point.

Your healing could be the best thing that ever happened to you, depending not only on your attitude but also on what actions you take, what you learn from a problem can often revamp your life for the better, something that will last you your whole life time.

You are a body, mind and spirit, spirit meaning energy a force, fire, mind being awareness, intuitive, insight, body flesh organic feeling e-motive, and to further realize this is all one function.

Yes one, your flesh is spirit incarnate, your body is mind in action, movement involved in and organic process of being human. You are the earth walking, talking, thinking, and being aware of it-self in e-motive action.

In this state of oneness your thoughts feelings idea’s hopes dreams are as important as your chemistry, maybe more so since thoughts and idea’s create chemical changes.

The art of healing then is when you and I take into account the whole of our self and stop treating our self like a carved up cadaver.

This for most of us takes learning new things like meditation, Ti Chi, yoga, massage and sometimes giving up work we hate. We give up self-hate by learning to love and participate in the act of living as though we count for something as though the creator endowed us with more than just a mechanical mind and chemical body.

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90 Minute Jam Session

By Charles Fitzgerald Butler

The 90-minute Jam Session is your key to insane productivity. How do you get more of your most vital priorities done? Furthermore, can these 90-minute jam sessions help you level up? Not to mention help you leapfrog the average competitor and increase your revenues.

This simple technique will help you become more effective with your job, family, and other activities. I am going to show you how to become insanely productive while eliminating the things that keep you tied down. You will identify your most vital functions.

The Busy Myth

Being busy is a myth. For instance, you Do Not have to get everything done. You don’t have to be “Busy”. Busyness is a form of laziness. As a matter of fact, busyness keeps you from working on your most valuable priorities. People wear busyness like a badge of honor. Don’t be Busy be Effective.

Insane Productivity

I learned how to be insanely productive from Darren Hardy’s, Insane Productivity Program. I invested in this program and within 90 days my productivity tripled. I became the leader in sales in the last quarter of 2017. I got more done in less time and also learned how to delegate, defer, and delete items from my daily routine.

In addition to becoming more effective in sales, I was able to eliminate social media distractions, stop interruptions, and free myself from “Multi-Tasking”. Furthermore, I was able to increase my skills in sales and marketing. The 90 Minute Jam session helped me focus on my Most Vital Priorities (MVPs) of the day. This technique was the breakthrough I needed to make it to the next level.

The Challenge

If you understand the Pomodoro Technique (working in intervals followed by short breaks). The 90 minute is derived from that. Here is the challenge. For the next 5 days, I challenge you to put the 90 Minute Jam Session to a test. Implement the steps below.

Your 90 Minute Jam Session

Step One: Pick Your Most Vital Priority (MVP)

Commit to spending at least 3 hours per day on your Most Vital Priority. You will break that down into 90-minute work intervals. Your MVP is the most important task you have on that day. For example, my MVP is closing sales. I focus my time on closing deals.

First, you don’t have 10 priorities. If you have more than three priorities then you have none. Pick your top three, then from that three, pick your number one. Remember this is the most important task of the day. This one task trumps everything else. Those who spend time on their most vital skills destroy their competition.

Athletes spend countless hours improving their craft. Entertainers are constantly practicing their fundamentals. They spend time on their MVPs.

“If you have more than 3 priorities then you don’t have any” – Jim Collins

Step Two: Schedule Your 90 Minute Jam Sessions

Schedule your Jam sessions. Write it down… make it happen. Also, get a timer. Set it for 90 minutes and get to work. Only work on one task for that 90 minutes. Do not multitask. Your mind can only do one cognitive function at a time.

Indeed you will get into a zone. At first, ninety minutes may seem like an eternity. You will look at the timer and only 20 minutes have passed. Keep going your focus will intensify and you will be amazed at how much work you can get done in that 90-minute session.

Step Three: Close The Windows

This is the most important key to your 90-minute Jam Session. You must Close The Windows at all cost. When you are in a zone and you get distracted studies show that it takes 25 minutes to get back into the zone. You just lost 25 minutes of productivity because of distractions.

Closing the windows means that you are fighting the Weapons of Mass Distractions:

  • 1. Phone Calls (Unless it’s your MVP)
  • 2. Text Messages
  • 3. Notifications
  • 4. Social Media
  • 5. Email
  • 6. TV
  • 7. Kids
  • 8. Co-workers
  • 9. Anything that distracts your from your MVP

Consequently, these WMD’s are so prevalent that people accept it as normal. Normal equals average and if you want to be average then stop reading this article.

When you enter your jam session. Turn your notifications off. Put a put “do not disturb sign” on your door. Only work with one or two tabs open with your computer. Do not check your email or social media. Let those around you know that this is your sacred time.


After your 90 minutes is complete. Take a break. Refresh. Disengage from your work. Go for a walk, jog, do push-ups, or go drink some water. Give your mind a break. Then hop back into focus mode.

Why It Works

When you focus on your MVP with a planned strategy you will become insanely productive. Furthermore, your bottom-line results will increase. Instead of doing 10 things good you can focus on the 1 to 3 vital functions that help you succeed. Again, I challenge you to try this for the next 5 days.

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Do You Sabotage Yourself With Worry?

By Estra Roell 

Worry is one of the biggest obstacles to creating what people want in their lives. Most of us grew up with the idea that if you weren’t worrying you just didn’t care about the outcome. I’ve heard parents say, “It’s my job to worry about my children.” Worry comes up because you fear you won’t get what you want or that something bad will happen. Or, you might think that worry will cause you to be prepared in the event that things don’t work out.

Worry is a lack of trust in the Universe/The-All-That-Is/Source/God. It’s a lack of trust in ourselves as creator beings. The truth is that we aren’t meant to struggle. We’re meant to thrive. Life is supposed to be fun and easy. When you are in alignment with what you want, you embrace a feeling of lightness, joy, appreciation and trust. Worry actually keeps what you want away from you. If you are sending out a vibration of worry, then you simply attract more worry.

There is a gap between feeling your desire and manifesting it. The problem arises during that gap. All sorts of doubts can creep in and you start to worry about whether or not what you want will manifest. This is especially true if it feels very important that you have it. And then the thing you want never happens and you begin to doubt the whole process of manifesting.

I’ve been there!

Something that made a huge difference for me, is a practice called “It is done.” I’d been able to manifest some great things into my life, sometimes pretty easily, but it was inconsistent. Certain things just didn’t seem to be showing up. I’d been using the words, “so be it and so it is” and “it is done” after stating intentions, but only just saying the words. Then the worries would start to creep in. I tried to re-focus my thoughts and feelings, did a lot of processes and work on clearing limiting beliefs. All good things to do. But for some things I deemed big and important, I just couldn’t release the knot in my stomach.

It is done.

A book was recommended to me called, “It Is Done: The Final Step to Instant Manifestation” by Richard Dotts. I decided to give it a try. Richard described the feeling of goose bumps that came over him as he realized that “Amen” at the end of prayer had originally been more than just an ending. It was a statement of faith and trust that the thing being asked for was, in fact, already done. As soon as we birth a desire and intend to create it, it is done. As Abraham-Hicks puts it, everything is already there, waiting in our vortex of creation. You simply have to align with it. You are the last creative component to receiving what you want.

The process is very simple, yet powerful. After using whatever method of setting your intention you prefer (visualization, journaling, affirmations, etc.) take a moment to say and most importantly to FEEL that it is done. How would you feel knowing that the thing you want is already accomplished? There is nothing more for you to do to make it happen. Done. Really feel it is as if you have it. Tap into the feelings you’ve had when you’ve accomplished things in your life in the past. Then take 15 to 30 seconds to “be” in that feeling. You know you are in the feeling because you will get some sort of sign, release, or “click.” For me, it is a relaxing of the knot in my stomach and a feeling of energy going through the top of my head and down through the center of my body. Richard describes goose bumps and his scalp tingling.

At any time during the gap between expressing your desire and manifesting it you feel doubts creep up, simply do the “It is done” process right in that moment. Don’t put it off for later, deal with it right away. There is no need to visualize what you want at that point, simply work with the FEELING, shifting from worry to “it is done.” The first signs you have of this working is that you feel better. It has certainly caused more joy in my life!

We came here for the joy of bringing ideas and desires into manifestation in this physical environment. “It is done” will help you enjoy the process!

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How To Psychically Control A Person

 By: Qesankh Maa Kheperu

Let me fill you in on a little secret. I am very good at controlling people. In fact, I used to get every job I interviewed for. I dated many Hollywood starlets and found investors for my films. Now, how did I accomplish these feats? I know what you are going to say. All the above is easy when you’re extremely good-looking and charming like me. But even if you’re not as pretty as I am, you can still influence the people in your life. I’m about to reveal the secret of how this is done. And once I do, you’re gonna want to name your first born after me. Just kidding! (Or am I?)

Before I reveal this technique, let me say something that will lay the foundation. Everyone, and I mean everyone, in your life is nothing but a holographic representation. They are avatars. Before you came to earth, you made an agreement with these folks to have certain experiences with them. That means the interactions you are having with them now (good or bad) are merely the unfolding of those planned agreements. So if someone does you wrong – or if, like me, every girl wants you put a baby in her belly – that’s all part of the agreement you made.

Now, here is where it gets interesting. All the things you see in the world around you are merely symbols or representations of what is going on inside you. In fact, there is no outside world. It’s all in your head! You are projecting outward your present state of being and creating a hologram of things and people to interact with in order to create your experience. And peep this, my homie. Nothing is real. The only thing that is real is the experience itself. Deep, right? I know, I’m pretty awesome (if I do say so myself).

Okay, now that I have laid the foundation for you, you need to understand the law of state transference in order to control the people that you’ve created in your life. When I say “state,” I mean the emotional state you find yourself in at any given moment. And since emotions or states are energy vibrations, they permeate out and affect others around you. What you feel, they feel. Ya dig? So in order to control the holographic representation of people around you that you interact with daily, you must first learn to put yourself into the emotional states that you want from them.

Now, here is where I break down the formula. (Get ready to name your baby after me!)

If while interviewing for a job, for example, I want the person interviewing me to believe I am the best person for the position, I hold in my mind an image of me doing an awesome job at that particular company. Then while holding this image in my mind, I place myself in a high emotional state. Next, I maintain deep eye contact with the interviewer. Now, this is very important: you must maintain eye contact, but do not stare. There’s a difference. Staring comes off as creepy. Next and most important, you must lead the conversation. This means being the first and last person to speak and guiding the direction of the conversation as it goes along, while still doing everything I mentioned above.

Got it? Here’s the last step – the icing on the cake. Tell the interviewer a story. Fill the story with descriptive words that force the person to visualize what you are saying. You will need to pick a story that is appropriate for the situation and that is, more importantly, a metaphor for what is taking place. It should be a short story – one that you feel close to. For example, if I want to get the job, I may tell a quick story about Rocky and how he was the underdog but became victorious in the ring. Or I might talk about how J. K Rowling was broke and got numerous rejections for her Harry Potter manuscript – but then went on to fame and fortune. See where I am going? The story is embedding a hidden message in the interviewer’s subconscious mind that you are the prize.

Although I gave the example of an interview situation, this technique can work with anyone or any situation if done properly. The key is to remember that everyone is a product of your creation – that you are in the driver’s seat. See, the folks that come into our lives express themselves according to our strongest emotional beliefs. Those strong beliefs can be either good or bad, which results in our seeing both sides in the individuals we encounter. The people who are polarized in our own beliefs will usually form our close circle of friends.

Unfortunately, our Western world has taught us that to change a person, we need to open the channels of communication and tell them how we feel – and vise versa. This is not necessarily true. To change people, one only needs to change oneself. That’s because you cannot attract the vibration of something unless you match that vibration yourself. Whether it is because of your present energy or past-life agreements, the folks in your life are there for a reason.

I often have people ask me whether they are with the right mate. The easy answer is of course you are – even if that person is causing you hell (as Halle Berry once did for me before I gave her the walking papers). Every person in your life is a right match for you based on the energy you are presently putting out there. So give that some serious thought.

And with all that said, I must make my grand exit. I am working on manifesting some women in my life who won’t demand so much sweet loving from me. I am truly exhausted…from buying them flowers and gifts. (What did you think I was going to say? Stop it with your dirty mind!)

Catch you later.

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The 6 Habits That Lead To Happiness

By: Peter James Field

So often we count what is missing from our lives, focusing on what is not there.

In doing this, we create a form of “negative hallucination,” a state of mind that blinds us to so much of what is actually there — a really self-defeating way to pass our days.

By dwelling on what we lack we create feelings of deprivation and unhappiness that can eclipse the spirit and block our ability to experience the simple joy of being alive.

If we really do want to live a more fulfilled and joyful life then cultivating a sense of gratitude is a key ingredient. Gratitude for all that we have, for all that is there, brings with it a deeper appreciation of life itself.

Research has shown (1) that gratitude is an essential element in our ability to experience genuine happiness.

Change Your Mind

Not only that, but expressing gratitude can help change your mind in a positive way, and actually have a physical affect on the brain, changing it in positive ways.

Gratefulness and life satisfaction just seem to go hand in hand (2).

Here are six habits that grateful people cultivate. They are the keys to increased joy and contentment.

1. Grateful people do not expect life to give them every single thing they desire. They live with the understanding that no one can have everything they want, when they want it, and that this is okay. They are appreciative of all they have, and are less likely to envy what others have.

2. Grateful people take nothing for granted. They do their best to see the positive outcome in situations and experiences and are not afraid to work towards those outcomes. They do not take the good things in their lives for granted.

3. Grateful people work with things as they are. They do not insist that conditions be exactly right before they can be happy. Appreciative of all they have, they accept life’s shortcomings, while working on their own, and welcome joy and happiness into their lives unconditionally.

4. Grateful people realize that they cannot have the sunshine without also having the rain. They understand that no one can live in a perpetual state of happiness, accepting that difficult times will sometimes come. They have learned to respect and be grateful for life in all its diversity.

5. Grateful people cultivate flexible thinking habits. They have learned to adapt to life circumstances and can adjust their thinking to the situation. Gratitude and rigid thinking make a poor fit, and so they make allowances for other people’s perceptions and opinions.

6. Grateful people do not define themselves by their regrets. They appreciate their abilities while working to improve them, accepting responsibility for their actions while working towards their positive future. Cultivate these habits of gratitude and you really will reap some wonderful benefits.

What are you waiting for? Why not start right now!

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How Do I Know If My Higher Self Is Talking To Me?

By Oliver JR Cooper

Just under a week ago I wrote an article titled, ‘You Can’t Have Anything Until You Don’t Need It.’ I wrote this article after I had looked through, ‘Creating Money: Attracting Abundance’ by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. 
Along with the part of the book that I spoke about in the aforementioned article, there was another part of it that caught my attention. This part went into an area that I wasn’t overly familiar with.

Seldom Spoken About

I came across a page that went into how someone can find out if their higher self is talking to them. Now, while I had heard of this term before, it was not something that I had read a great deal about.

The high self is often seen as the part of us that is more developed and is able to see the big picture. So, while our ego is limited when it comes to what it can see and what it knows, this part of us is not restricted in the same way.

A Mystery

As I didn’t know a great deal about the so-called higher self before, I thought it seemed a bit airy-fairy. But although part of me found it hard to relate to it, another part of me thought there must be something to it.

After going over what was written in this section of the book, this other part of me settled down and I was able to connect to it more. A Big part of this came down to the fact that it had been explained very well.

A Big Clue

What it said was that there are the feelings and thoughts that someone usually has and then there are the feelings and thoughts that they have that are different. When they have a thought or a feeling that is different, it can be a sign that their higher self is talking to them.

For example, if someone is walking and they suddenly get an idea to go somewhere where they wouldn’t usually go or they get the urge to call someone who they haven’t spoken to in a while, this could be a clear sign this part of them is reaching out. Therefore, unlike the mind that will typically churn out the same thoughts over and over again, this part of them will provide them with new thoughts.

The Key

I ended up remembering a number of occasions in my own life when I had the urge to do something different and went along with it. On each occasion, I didn’t know what was going on, yet I was glad that I took action afterwards.

The first step is then to notice when this takes place and the second step is to follow through. Before long, you will be able to do this naturally without having to think too much about it.

Final Thoughts

Listening to this part of yourself can make it easier for you to achieve your and to come into contact with people who will enrich your life. It can also allow you to avoid things that would have held you back.

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