If It’s No Longer Working For You, Change The Dance!

By Nicole Lawler

Some people say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you are finding that things are working smoothly in your life, like a well oiled machine, keep doing what you’re doing. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Instead, wash, rinse and repeat. And at that point, find yourself sitting in a space of gratitude for the blessings you’ve been gifted. But if you are beginning to see negative patterns in your life, and you feel like your continuously hitting a brick wall, you may need to change the dance. Change things up a bit and look within for your own personal growth.

We all develop defense mechanisms to cope with challenges and painful feelings or times in our lives to simply push us through the most difficult of times. Sometimes we develop these mechanisms without even knowing it. And it’s those defense mechanisms that have helped us get through the most pain in the quickest time period, that we usually hang onto subconsciously. This is in its simplest form, muscle memory and a very natural thing to do. But there comes a point in time where these defense mechanisms no longer work in serving your highest good, so it’s time to change the dance.

Remember that with our life experiences, we are constantly changing throughout the course our lives so why would we expect these same defense mechanisms to always work? Most defense mechanisms were developed as a child and in some cases in a very negative manner. A child who was ignored, for example, may have thrown themselves into their schoolwork to gain some sort of recognition. But what that child really did was, they moved away from dealing with the negative feelings within. And dealing with deep inner feelings is the only way to truly release the pain and get past the need to be on the defensive to get what we want out of life in a healthy manner.

We have the ability to heal our pain by diffusing the patterns that no longer serve us. Sitting with our pain or discomfort and really feeling it is the only way to release it. Painful as it is, only then can can you look within to find your truth and use that truth to deal with a situation or feeling to change the outcome of what seems like the brick wall. You can then seek from within that which you do want by adjusting and modifying yourself and your actions so that you can get it.

So, essentially, if things are not currently working out in the manner in which you hoped for, change the dance. In this new upcoming year, try to put down your defenses and begin using your mind, heart and spirit to find your own sense of peacefulness and joy within. You may then find your inner power to put new processes in place to get exactly what you are looking for in life. Remember, your peace and happiness all starts and ends with you and your mind! This, my dear friends was my lesson, once again throughout the course of this year. Life is a work in progress always!

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How To Believe In The Power Of Infinite Possibilities

By Tony Fahkry

Life Can Change When We Least Expect It

Warning! This article may not appeal to you if you are not open to entertaining the likelihood of infinite possibilities. You may even find evidence why the universe is based on science, and mathematics to disprove infinite possibilities. I don’t intend to persuade you into believing my point of view, for that is the least of my intentions. I hope you will come to see that infinite possibilities are conceivable and life is anything but fixed. Before we go on, I want you to reflect on moments throughout your life when a situation occurred beyond the realm of normal. Perhaps it was a chance encounter of a love interest you reunited with after decades, or you were one of a thousand applicants for a job interview and were offered the position, despite interviewing poorly for the job. Whatever it was, recall the experience as best you can and see if you can get a sense of how you felt at the time.

There are numerous examples that prove infinite possibilities existed throughout history. To mention them here means reciting what hundreds of other articles have already written. So it begs the question: what does infinite possibilities mean to you? Where does it begin and end? For example, is it in the realm of miraculous healings or otherworldly events? Infinite possibilities for me is associated with a mindset that anything can happen within the fabric of reality. I have experienced moments over the years which helped me realise that sometimes life can change when we least expect it. Perhaps you’ve witnessed this yourself, whether it was an event that worked in your favour or otherwise? One example that took place two decades ago related to my father who was ill at the time and given a diagnosis by his doctors he wouldn’t survive until the end of the week. He not only survived but lived another five years. It was then I realised mankind has limited knowledge of what is possible within the scope of a greater intelligence. I’m not sure what you call this intelligence, if you call it anything at all. I prefer to call it God, co-creating the circumstances of my life within the container of free will. It is important we abide by our beliefs but also be willing to upgrade them when or if new information becomes available.

Keep An Open Mind And Don’t Hold Firm To Fixed Ideas

Some say infinite possibilities is nothing more than coincidence, providence, luck or chance. I recognise it as a state of mind more than an event or experience. Therefore, we needn’t believe in them but keep an open mind and look for evidence when they arise. I don’t know about you but I’m inclined to be impartial about endless possibilities existing than remain close-minded because my belief system does not agree with it. I would rather change my mind when new information comes to light that disproves my earlier beliefs. I think this is important because we mustn’t hold firmly to a belief system just because it has been the case for our entire life. We ought to upgrade our beliefs and perception of reality as new information comes to hand. What are your thoughts on this? Are you open to new information or do you hold on to fixed beliefs because you don’t want to be wrong? I think the key is to be mindful of what we believe or not believe while recognising that our earlier beliefs may be incomplete.

As an example of this, I was recently reading about the South African scientist, Prof Tim Noakes, who for decades espoused the high-carbohydrate diet. It wasn’t until he was diagnosed with type II diabetes he publicly stated that his understanding of nutrition was incomplete and thus he adopted a low carbohydrate/ketogenic style diet. Irrespective of what you think about Prof Noakes, it took a great deal of courage to declare he was wrong and change his stance because he had a lot to lose by way of credibility. I highlight Prof Noakes as one example of somebody willing to keep an open mind and not hold firm to fixed ideas. We ought to accept that anything is possible even that which was impossible in the past. This relates to our health, finances, relationships, career, etc. We should entertain the possibility that sometimes life can weave its magic and a situation can resolve itself or improve beyond our understanding. Because when we believe in infinite possibilities, we are open to the notion that life works through us on a higher dimension. Knowing this, I invite you to think back on the experiences I asked you to recall earlier. Write three lessons you gained from the experiences and how they shaped your life. Could you have foreseen these events in hindsight? If not, could you entertain the notion that a greater universal intelligence may function within the backdrop of your life? You see, being open to infinite possibilities means to accept life exactly as it is without preconceived ideas. This my friends, proves the universe is a mysterious entity because as Deepak Chopra once said: “Be comfortable with and embrace paradox, contradiction and ambiguity. For uncertainty is the womb of creativity.”

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Passing It On Being A Nice Person

By Joseph Parish

I have a habit that I have developed over the years and I am very proud of it. If I am in a quick stop store such as Wawa standing in line to pay for my purchase and the person behind me has a cup of coffee, I tell the cashier to add the coffee to my bill. It is a minimal amount of money to spread good will. I always like to hope that at some point in time that person will do the same for another human being.

I wasn’t always like this for in my younger days, I would accept money for anything I did for others when it was offered. It could be from a stranded motorists with their car broke down, someone who needed a flat tire replaced or any opportunity that I saw to gain a dollar. Then early one winter morning I was the stranded motorist. It would appear that my water pump had failed out in the middle of nowhere someplace in the mountains of Spain. Here it was 2 AM on Dec. 26. I walked a few miles in the cold looking desperately for some sign of life but I could see no lights on anywhere so I was compelled to spend the night in my car. As the sun rose on the horizon, I was able to catch sight of a farm house a very short distance from the car. I walked up to the door and asked the owner if I could use their phone. I explained how my car was broken down a short distance from their farm.

Keep in mind now that all I asked for was to use their phone to call for help. They immediately invited me in with a smile on their face and sat me at the table. The kind lady made me a hot breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes, and coffee. It was like being at a Golden Corral Buffet. As we ate, the man stated that there would likely not be any nearby garages open the day after Christmas where I would be able to get my car fixed.

I asked him, “How about an auto parts store. I have the tools in my trunk and just need the parts.”

The man got on the telephone and kept calling around until he located a parts store about 10 miles from where we were at and the best part was they were open. He made sure that they had what I needed to repair my car and he kindly drove me to the store to get it. I had no credit cards on me and not enough cash. The store refused to take a military state-side check at which the man informed the manager that he would personally guarantee my check. When we got back with the new water pump the man insisted upon helping me install it on the side of the road in the freezing rain. When my car was finally working the man and his wife refused to take money for their kindness and neither have I, ever since.

One time recently, Pam and I checked our checking account and it said my retirement check had been deposited. We went to the grocery store to pick up a few items and my bank card was declined. I knew the money was there but it wasn’t showing up. I checked at the ATM machine and it too was not showing the funds in my account. I told the young lady that I would not be able to purchase the items and she replied, “Go on and take them home”.

This surprised Pam and I and we told her we could not do that. She said, “Yes you can” and pulled out her bank card and paid for them. We could only stand there looking at each other. The young girl said, “Go on – take them home and just pay me the money when you can”. We went home and in a hour I checked the ATM and the funds were there. I took out what was needed to pay the clerk at the store and took it to her. Her reply was, “You could have brought it tomorrow”. You don’t see trust like that very much these days.

When anyone asks me why I refuse money for help now I relate this story to them and I tell them to help the next person they see who needs it. I than tell that person to pass it on. It will come back around to me eventually; in fact, it already has, several times.

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