How to Create Your Own Reality and Manifest Your Desires

By: Adrianne Geyer

Did you know that if you focus your thoughts on any one subject for only a few seconds, the things you think about has the potential to manifest your desires? The mind is constantly thinking all the time. It goes from one thought to the next in a continuous motion until interrupted. The moment it’s given the opportunity to become idle, the mind will pick up and start a new train of thought again and again.

The things we think about affect our emotions, and our emotions will inevitably drive our actions. For example, if you have an argument with a friend, notice how you keep replaying the argument over and over in your mind. You think about what you said, what he said, and what you should have said and so on. This thought pattern can go on for hours. The reason this happens is because the longer you focus on a subject, the stronger the thought pattern will get. As these patterns strengthen, the more you will continue to think about the argument and your emotions will be influenced by your thoughts.

What if you were to take this information and use it to create your own reality to manifest your desires? If you maintain your focus on a subject for more than a minute, that one particular thought becomes a dominant thought and the manifestation process begins until you change the thought. This focused attention is known as deliberate creation. As you continue to repeat this process, you will eventually get what you think about. How long it takes to manifest your desires will depend on your consistency. If you practice deliberate creation everyday, you will reach your goals a lot faster than someone who does it a few times a month.

A few exercises you can do to become wealthy is to start small by focusing your thoughts on how much money you would like to have, such as an extra twenty dollars a day. To strengthen your focus, create a vision board with pictures of money, cars, houses, clothes, etc so you can look at it several times a day. This can be done with glue, scissors, and a poster board, or you can make a digital slide show on powerpoint. The third thing you can do to manifest your desires is quietly quote short sentences affirming what you want. For example, “It feels great to earn an extra twenty dollars a day”, or “I love being completely debt free”.

If you combine these 3 steps and work on them every day, you will notice that it becomes easier to perform and you will be able to deliberately create the things you want at a much faster rate than when you started. Lastly, try not to give any attention to what you see. You may be tempted to give up if you do not see any changes during your first week. Keep in mind that deliberate creation takes place in the unseen realm before it can manifest into this physical plane. As you learn the principals of manifesting your desires by turning your thoughts into wealth producing action, you will create miraculous results any time you want.

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