Reclaim Your World – Visualize

 By: Brittany McBride

You wake up each morning to face the daily grind of reality and somewhere along the way a conscious spark ignites within you, inquiring; “Is this really what I want for my life? Am I happy with who I am? How do I get what I want or where I want to be?” Often times, repressing these thoughts with our conditioned logical response of, “this is just the way things are,” helps us to carry on down our comfortable path. Our authentic desires then recede into our depths to brood and await the next opportunity to appeal to us in attempts to shift our awareness; something more is possible for each of us and we have the innate ability to create what we want by utilizing the power of visualization.

In truth, we have become accustomed to live in a glass-cage world that has been built up around us, visualized for us, created for us, instilled by history and fashioned overtime into a framework society of expectations with portrayals of how we should look, behave, work, rationalize, educate, feel and expend our energy. We submit to partake in this given way of life and then resort to complaining when we realize it is not the world we envisioned for ourselves. Really, life has given us every opportunity to thrive in adventure, grow through experience, share in love, learn through challenge, embrace change, prosper in abundance, work towards fulfilling goals and to heal ourselves, others and the planet. However, we perpetuate our own oppression by ignoring the very intuitive spark within us that seeks to highlight the path to our own happiness and success. It is time to pay attention.

For many, the difficulty in this process to awareness is understanding how to get there…how do I get from a state of wanting something more for myself, to a state of actualizing it into my existence? The answer lies within you and your initiative to reclaim your individual power of Creation and Vision. What do you see for yourself in this life? Visualize it.

Gather together images, quotes, affirmations, photos, and videos that inspire you to visualize all of the things you want for yourself on the physical plane. How does your physical environment reflect your inner-self and how are you attracting what you want into your life? What do you want to attract? Where do you see beauty in yourself, in your life? What is your aesthetic Vision of your health, fitness, well-being, beauty and overall appearance? Dedicate a space in your home or office where you can post up all your images on Vision-Board and view it frequently; or generate a collective online gallery of images that motivate you to take care of your physicality and promote your personal sanctuary.

A concentrated human thought laden with emotion transmits enough energy to transform our bodies and alter our environments; this energy directed towards an image or affirmation builds a response recognition that actualizes the visualization into reality over time. Desire. Focus. Manifestation. We are all creators with the infinite capacity to visualize a world fit to sustain our unique and individual ambitions. Awaken to your creative potential; step outside the glass box that was constructed for you and embellish the new, unknown space with the colorful visions and aspirations of your own world. Start today.

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