The Art of Self-healing

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 By: Jamie S Hanson

Your body and mind are natural healers, are you in touch with it? Do you know how to listen to your body and mind, or is the noise from so much fear, pharmaceutical and medical mambo jumbo blocking your ears? How do you get your intuition back?

When was the last time you went to a healing practitioner that talked with you, (not a questionnaire) asked how you were doing, is anything bothering you? Is there something you are afraid of? What are your hopes, dreams, where do you feel stuck, do you have some unresolved anger, resentment, despair, are you happy at this point in your life.

If you have a healing practitioner who spends some real time with you, consider your self one of the fortunate, most are on the clock, driven by capitalistic blue prints, controlled by ideas of ambition and success, which often has little to do with the Art of Healing.

Your healing is Art, inspiration, intuition, insight, spontaneity and dreams are equally powerful medicine, in fact may be the most important medicine you will receive during your process of gaining health and well being.

Have you taken responsibility for your problem? Oops I just said a dirty word, responsibility in our society often means, blame, guilt because you did something wrong, guilt because you are a bad person and brought this upon your self.

The word responsibility simply means the ability to respond, take action to heal the problem, become a part of the solution, and stop adding to the problem that takes self-honesty and insight, the willingness to dig for answers without being judgmental.

Self-questioning like, how am I aiding in creating this problem, this arthritis or whatever is going on. That was a question I asked myself when arthritis hit my feet. I realized I was scared to step out into the world, frightened of failure, scared to go broke. The reasons were multiple but all harbored around fear. So healing involved not just using creative visualization, foot message and acupuncture but also re-programming my subconscious having to do with self-confidence and my imaginings of doom. And yes I did heal the arthritis.

Taking responsibility means taking the reins of the horse you are riding and becoming the director not just a rider, the horse represents your personal power. The patient is always the healer the Dr, holistic health practitioner or shaman can often be and inspiration, hypnotist or catalyst but it is the person with the disease or problem that is the true healer, it comes from within you.

This is Art; good art is not just technique but even more so it is intuitive. What is your gut telling you, do you need a vacation, love, do you need to quit this job you hate, is your boss or spouse driving you crazy into stress and your not sleeping well. Do you need a mental enema from your head full of fear, pessimism and dread, are you generally afraid of life. What do you need to heal this problem besides a quick pill fix, which is often what many in the medical field prescribe? They are not trained to deal with the whole person only to treat symptoms and that is like spraying the city to get rid of mosquito’s and then treating the population for lung problems, you get the point.

Your healing could be the best thing that ever happened to you, depending not only on your attitude but also on what actions you take, what you learn from a problem can often revamp your life for the better, something that will last you your whole life time.

You are a body, mind and spirit, spirit meaning energy a force, fire, mind being awareness, intuitive, insight, body flesh organic feeling e-motive, and to further realize this is all one function.

Yes one, your flesh is spirit incarnate, your body is mind in action, movement involved in and organic process of being human. You are the earth walking, talking, thinking, and being aware of it-self in e-motive action.

In this state of oneness your thoughts feelings idea’s hopes dreams are as important as your chemistry, maybe more so since thoughts and idea’s create chemical changes.

The art of healing then is when you and I take into account the whole of our self and stop treating our self like a carved up cadaver.

This for most of us takes learning new things like meditation, Ti Chi, yoga, massage and sometimes giving up work we hate. We give up self-hate by learning to love and participate in the act of living as though we count for something as though the creator endowed us with more than just a mechanical mind and chemical body.

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