Mercury in Aries
April 17 – May 6. 2019

After long winter dream, that Mercury spent in Pisces, he enters Aries and we are finally waking up. Very active and dynamic period is ahead of us. New ideas, new activities….everything new are coming into our lives. We”ll start walking faster, talking faster, thinking faster….
Our thoughts are becoming more and more clear, and after a long period of confusion,problems will start to resolve faster and easier. We”ll be more open in communication, more brave with our words, and stop being afraid of judgement.
This transit is making us move ahead physically and mentally.Our focus is on business plans and sport and recreational activities more than usual, making us eager to start taking care of our body and mind.
Now is a good time to make a big steps that will lead you to success. Make a big changes, and bring some new things into your business and life.
Positive changes are coming…
Are you ready….?

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